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Fix Mac High Sierra Opendlrectoryd Too Many Corpses Being Created Issue

This morning my brother’s iMac gave some boot issues. The resolution to the issue was to drop into a terminal, rename the mrb_cache directory and reboot.

Steps to Resolution

When booting, the loading bar got stuck as seen below:

Starting to investigate, he ran cmd+s to logon to single user mode, and he noticed the error: crashed: opendlrectoryd. Toomay corpses being crashed, as seen from the screenshot below:

After some troubleshooting he had to hard reboot his mac, hit cmd+r repeatedly until he loaded his mac into recovery mode:

From thereon, from the top dropdown select Utilities -> Terminal, change into the directory where the cache folder needs to be moved:

$ cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/var/db/caches/opendirectory

List to see if the cache directory is present:

$ ls -la | grep cache
-rw-------- root wheel 28655   Jan 3    22:22 mbr_cache

Rename the cache directory:

mv ./mbr_cache ./mbr_cache_old

Once that is done, reboot:

$ reboot

If you experienced the similar issue, you should be able to see the login screen after successful boot.

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